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Cultronix is a journal of art,
art criticism and cultural theory.

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Issue Five
» The Conceptual Space of Collage
» The Wire Through Which Happiness Flows
» Project Paradise: The Video
» Oglala/Mapping
» Trajectories of Desire
» Beati Possidentes
Issue Four
» The Therapeutic State
» AIDS Research, Contagion and Discovery
» Cancer Destroys, Cancer Builds
» Daughter of Cancer
» I.C.U.
» Allopathology in Medical Rhetoric
Issue Three
» Rape
» This is How the Mermaid Got Legs
» Peeling the Sun
» Scar Tissue
» D.I.D. You See Us Fly?
» Grietas / Fissures
» Flashback
» Constraint
Issue Two
Deviant Subjects
» Walter and Morning Walk
» Whoring in Utopia
- The Meese Commission Report

» Taking the Measure (9) of the Closet
» Naturalized
» The Autobiography of a Flea
» Good Boys: Afterword to Men in Feminism
» Delusional Circuitry
» Oro
» Spanglish: The Language of Love
» Interpenetrations
» Non immigrant, Immigrant and Citizen List
» Armo(u)r --- Amo(u)r
Issue One
Your Machinery Is Too Much For Me
» Surge Suppressor
» Colonizing Virtual Reality
» Modeling Industrial Thresholds
» Lucidity and the Anti-Work Ethic
» Inside the Beast: the Machinic Phylum
» Wallowing in the Quagmire of Language
» Politicization of Art, Aesthetization of Politics
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