D.I.D. You See Us Fly?

Diagnostic Criteria for 300.14 Dissociative Identity Disorder:

A. The presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states (each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self).

B. At least two of these identities or personality states recurrently take control of the person's behavior.

C. Inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

Some of us have crossed a threshold of multiplicitous self-hood. We do not pretend that our externally defined, internally regulated and striated spaces occupy a unified, shared essence; can be presented as singularly complete. We do not stop the voices in our head from speaking out. We are unwilling to subsume the internal selves into a larger whole. We are sometimes frightened by who else lives inside, but we know each must be allowed the primacy of a speaking space.

Our existence frightens those who have subsumed their own multiplicities. Those operating under guises of science, of "knowledge," of assumed identities striated in safe and regulated professional spaces. Their dis/ease is visited on us when they intern THE BODY in controlled spaces (hospitals, psychiatrist's offices); attempting to territorialize from the outside in.

They do not understand the ways in which we have learned to take refuge from the corpuscular molarity of that BODY as a strategy of survival. They do not understand how our desiring has shaped us into a semi-autonomous aggregate of differentially re-territorialized BwOs, each caught in a trap of denying association with the terms of our own subjectivity.

In their futile attempts to write (right) away our perversion of their knowledge systems, they situate our multiplicity as singular subjectivity read as INSANE. They fail to see our connection with the woman/women inside. They fail to acknowledge the ways in which our gendered perceptions of a world no longer solely de-limited by the confines of a language construct formed long ago, has carried us to a space in which multiplicity flourishes and singular subjectivity is a farce playing in the minds of men.

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