D.I.D. You See Us Fly?

other*oTHEr* OTHER*otHER* other

Women can never 'be'...precisely because they are the relation of difference, the excluded, by which that domain marks itself off. Women are...a 'difference' that cannot be understood as the simple negation or 'Other' of the always-already masculine subject... They are neither the subject or its Other, but a difference from the economy of binary opposition, itself a ruse for a monologic elaboration of the masculine. -butler (18)*

In a social context in which the channeling of sexuality and violence onto the bodies of little girls is accepted, condoned, rationalized; our "breakdown" functions as a convenient mask for the flows of violence characterizing the turbulence of our world. Lunatics are similar to designated hitters... Since an entire family can't go into the hospital, one person is designated as crazy and goes inside...Most families were proving the same proposition: We aren't crazy: she is the crazy one. Those families kept on paying. But some families had to prove that nobody was crazy, and they were the ones who threatened to stop paying. -Kaysen (95)*

Our response to this violence that everyone refused to recognize (Wanting to believe HER stories of walking into trees, pretending not to notice her cloying touch whenever it became time to go HOME, turning one's head to avoid THE FATHER's clench on HIS daughter's thigh), was to escape the singular subjectivization characterizing an often and repeated victimization at the handspenisanus of daddy, grandpa, uncle byron. This "escape," this "disfunctionality," resulted in irresolute capture: their attempts at diagnostic re-territorialization.

Erecting "treatment" facades of ambiguous efficacy, the Sanity machine whirs into motion, asserting with patronymic authority the notion that our fissioned subjectivity renders us automatically localizable within the territoriality of the Insane.

Our positioning as feminine subject no accidental corollary to our positioning in the Insanity machine, our positioning as multiple. Each inextricably linked to flash-points of victimization and inscription. Each inextricably linked to instances of de-stratification, de-territorialization, de-stabilization of the very notion of a fixed, instrinsic I. The girl is the first victim, but she must also serve as an example and a trap. That is why, conversely, the reconstruction of the body as a Body without Organs, is inseperable from a becoming-woman, or the production of a molecular woman. -Deleuze and Guattari (271)*

Moving beyond victimization, beyond the re-territorializations characterizing our choice of survival. Occupying the space of linguistic Other, always outside the realm of biunivocal representation, beyond the reneged space of singular subjectivity. Entering the realm of the undesignatable, unrepresentable. An exclusionary moment from the violence prevading our bodies, the phallus decrying our existence as one.

not i not them we whee!