D.I.D. You See Us Fly?


The proper name (nom Propre) does not designate an individual: 
it is on the contrary when the individual 
opens up to the multiplicities pervading him or her, 
at the outcome of the most severe operation of depersonalization, 
that he or she acquires his or her true proper name.  
The proper name is the instantaneous apprehension of a multiplicity.
-Deleuze & Guattari (37)*

What's in a name?

And then we allow ourselves to remember all those years without a name, without a known designation, without a titular connection to our daily lived reality.

THE MOTHER yelling that we were far too old for imaginary play-mates. Start taking responsibility. Stop living in books. Candy bars we can't remember buying lying in our bed. Walking down the street passing the same stores, houses. Not remembering how we got back here. Only knowing that the watch reads an hour later and we don't know where we've been.

Seeking the magical legitimation of appellatory charm. Seeking linguistic connection with the voices outside and the voices within. In quest of the ulterior wolfishness of the dream of enunciation.

That day, the Wolf-Man rose from the couch particularly tired... He knew that he was in the process of acquiring a veritable proper name, the Wolf-Man, a name more properly his than his own, since it attained the highest degree of singularity in the instantaneous apprehension of a generic multiplicity: wolves. -Deleuze & Guattari (26)*

Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Florid Narcissism, Multiple Personality Disorder, Disassociative Identity Disorder.

Chronologies of diagnoses.

Hysteria, Affective Disorders, Disassociative Disorders.

Differential continuums of pathology.

What's in a name? we ask again.

We had not yet understood the bastardization to which we had allowed ourselves to become subject. Thinking we had found a voice in which to speak, we discovered instead the tedium of relentless psycho-babble.

[The Wolf-Man} knew that this new and proper name would be disfigured and mis-spelled, retranscribed as a patronymic...On the verge of discovering a rhizome, Freud always returns to mere roots. -Deleuze & Guattari(27)*

In the stead of instantaneous self-recognition, a rejoinder/rejoindre to a circularity of identity formulation; we find ourselves staring in abject horror as readings of our "condition" are reeled off:

Schizophrenic. Depressive. Paranoid. Anti-social. Hypochondrial. Borderline personality dis/ordered. [In one study, 70 percent of patients identified as multiple personalities could also be classified as borderline. - Putnam (2])*

When we cry out in extenuated rage, we find ourselves labelled hysterical in the tradition of Sigmundian evasion. [Dora crying in a closet because she trusted her Daddy. The burning sensation at the back of her throat re-coded as desire. ] Our refusal to submit to singular subjectivity re-coded as psychosis.

Many patients with multiple personality disorder present with signs of psychosis. They report the hearing of voices of alternate personalities and the revivification of past experiences as hallucinations, experiences of feeling controlled or influenced, interference with their thoughts, and similar phenomena. If they see visual evidence of other personalities attempting to seize control, they may report that their bodies are being transformed.- Kluft (368)*

We bear silent witness as each psychiatrist in his leather-rimmed office with research grant criterion to fulfill, as each theorist terrified by normative quests for differential voice, plugs us into the gaps of their perceived knowledge systems. Their struggle of categorization, the corollary of their war for de/re-subjectivization ("the Signifier, the devious despotic agency that substitutes itself for asignifying proper names and replaces multiplicities with the dismal unity of an object declared lost." - Deleuze & Guattari (28)*, exacting rigid modes of differentiation. Demanding our distinction from the OTHER crazies (medication unresponsive schizophrenics, manic depressives: the noun form of denunciation subsuming their impervious self-hood). Demanding our transcription to the classification system of their diagnostic machine.

When our "symptomatology" fails to render our condition localizable, when we seep through/between the striations ordering their diagnostic universe; the debates raging in their halls of medicine, their psychoanalytic institutes, their clinical PhD programs rise to a noisy din. Their perjury reflected in the pages of the DSM, in the foot-noted rebuttals to the notion of our very existence. They state their fears that we are constantly over-diagnosed, that we present out of "a morbid hypo-chondria" and "a high susceptibility to hypnotic suggestion," that we are florid fakirs. (Putnam (5)* We are coded as hallucinatory attention-seekers mis-diagnosed at the hands of a few psychiatrists caught up in media hysteria. They subvert the terror of decategorization that we elicit by terming us "crazies" in a universe of the Insane.

Those that have struggled within for attenuated acceptance of our "reality," seek to ensure our passive subscription to their diagnostic control mechanisms. They bemoan our mis-diagnosis as "a considerable public health problem" and characterize our "condition" as a pathology of "secrecy, dissimulation, and hiding ." (Lowenstein (1)* They view us as a mystery waiting to be uncovered, an under- ground network of subversive multiples who must be scared to the surface lest we undermine their efforts to subjugate us within their freeze-framed taxidermy of the de/ranged.

They dis/trust our voices to the extent that it becomes necessary to "isolate" us in hypnotic trance or through amytal injections (despite the known ineffectiveness of such methods: Of patients later found to have multiple personality disorder, 66 percent did not reveal their multiple personality disorder in an initial hypnotic assessment. A smaller, more recent sample suggests the same is true of amytal interviews. -Putnam (207).*

Frightened by the concept of our stratic proliferation in their territoriality of the Sane, they attempt to "identify" us before any "symptomatology" inscribes us in the diagnostic cog of "break-down"/ florid disassociation.

Multiple Personality Disorder viewed in terms of its overt manifestations over a longitudinal time axis, is very different in its appearance from what is seen at those moments in which one is allowed a cross-sectional 'vertical' view of its inner structure via the outward expression of that structure in several personalities. -Putnam (20)*

Their greatest fear is their inability to tie us into a signing system of singularity, a pre-requisite to their bi-polar diagnostic enunciation of Sane/Insane.

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