Inside the Beast: The Machinic Phylum

Ed Um-Bucholtz, Geoff Sauer, and the 76-822 Media/Theory class

A presentation on de Landa's 1992 book War in the Age of Intelligent Machines, this text was originally conducted as a class presentation in the Carnegie Mellon program of Literary and Cultural Theory.

It was recorded and edited for broadcast on WRCT Pittsburgh in 1993, as part of the "Radio for the People" and "Theory in Transmission" series, in order to transmit contemporary critical theory to non-academic public audiences.

It has been edited again for distribution here as interactive hypermedia.

Introduction (290k)
Items: Theory (508k)
Items: Listing (350k)
Method (326k)
Labor? (268k)
Explosion (381k)
Machinic Phylum (341k)
Absences (394k)
Vacuum Theory (310k)
Vacuum Dream 1 (448k)
Vacuum Dream 2 (288k)
Conclusion (546k)

Copyright (c) 1993, 1994 by Ed Bucholtz and Geoffrey Sauer.

Ed Bucholtz is a performance artist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Geoff Sauer is a doctoral student in the Literary and Cultural Theory Program at Carnegie Mellon University, member of the editorial boards of Cultronix and Bad Subjects, and founder and editor of the English Server.

Cultronix--volume 1, number 1