Collaborators and friends

Stephanie Byram. Stephanie is a PhD candidate in the Social and Decision Sciences program at Carnegie Mellon University. This story is about her.

Charlee Brodsky. Charlee is an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the Department of Design, where she teaches photography. In 1995, she received a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship for her project with Stephanie.

Dave Demarest. Dave teaches cultural studies and journalism at Carnegie Mellon University. For the past two years, Dave and Charlee have co-taught a course in documentary photography.

Web design

Shannon Ford. Shannon is a graduate student in the Interaction Design program in the Design Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

Channa McNeil. Channa is a recent graduate of the Master's program in Literary and Cultural Theory at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Cancer Destroys
Photo Essay
Photographs copyright Charlee Brodsky 1996. Text copyright Stephanie Byram 1996. All rights reserved.