Nell Tenhaaf

In the Rodin Museum in Paris there is a small marble sculpture called Le Péché. A penis pierces the female figure, front to back. The penetrating penis is so evident that, to me, it masks the fornication. Of course, it could also be a vestigial tail.

I took the following quote from Julia Kristeva's Les Nouvelles Maladies de l'Ame as a way to think psychoanalytically about interpenetrations: "A domestication of perversion follows which, based on an idealized father, permits an adaptation to others while giving the maximum of self." This text places penetration by the father/s in the context of the larger social process of feminine domestication, a sacrifice of self.

Nell Tenhaaf is an electronic media artist and writer from Montreal. She is currently Visiting Assistant Professor in the Art Department of CMU.