What are my chances?

Your breasts can kill you?

Scare tactics often mask the lack of reliable statistics and effective treatment:

"25,000 women in New York will be attacked this year. But it may be years before they notice."

The average woman has an 89% chance of never developing breast cancer.

When should you have a mammogram?

are your breasts normal?

Breast Cancer Epidemic?

Scare tactics enhance the authority of medical experts and undermine our self-confidence and autonomy:

Breast self-exams show you how your breasts feel normally, and allow you to monitor changes.

"Are your breasts normal?
Only your doctor knows for sure!"

hidden epidemic stalks women

Scare tactics can frighten women away from seeking medical help, or drive them into an overuse of the medical system.

"Breast cancer is not the most life-threatening disease a woman faces. Cardiovascular disease kills ten times as many women each year."

Your body is your worst enemy

The advocacy of mammograms as a lifesaver has often led to
inappropriate use of this procedure.